TRENDnet Router

Accessing your TRENDnet Router is like a snap, and all you need is a Unique IP address and User credentials to log in. With such details, the admin panel section can be accessed and controlled as per the user requirements. This piece of information is within the user manual offered under the brand box.

TRENDnet Router Login guide

Follow the below steps for a quick login into the admin panel but first, make sure you are connected to the internet via Ethernet or any WiFi link.

  1. Click to open any available web browser such as CROME, Oper, Microsoft EDGE.
  2. KeyBoard the IP to the URL bar and hit the Enter key. If this IP doesn’t work for you, try out some other IPs from the default list.
  3. Present the default user credentials offered by the brand or simply type in the previously set username and password to the login interface.
  4. The control panel of your TRENDnet router is what you will see next, and editing the network starts from here as per the requirement.


Getting into the admin panel is the only way to reset the previously feed network settings. However, if you are unable to log in then, look for a remedy below.

  • Check out the default username and password combination under the router’s base or the user manual. You can also try below default combinations:

Username: admin, root, superuser

password: admin, root, 123, “last 8 digit of serial number

  • The Final option left would be to factory reset the router. Find and long-press the tiny hidden reset button on the router’s backside for about 15-20 seconds. All your previous settings will back up to factory values along with the connection reset.
  • It may happen that the web page you are looking for becomes unresponsive or takes time to load. This indicates that the IP used is incorrect and needs to be rechecked.

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