Recover Username and Password

It is quite obvious to forget the username or password of your router and hence not being able to utilize the network services to it’s fullest levels. Some even might not be aware of the defaults offered by the brand. However, if you are facing such an issue, then a solution is offered right here below.

Using the default credentials

Every router has a small tagging on its backside or has a user manual offered by the brand. This is where a user can look up the default values such as the IP address to reach the admin panel and even the username and password for your first-time login.

Looking for the defaults Online

In case you are unable to locate the label or the manual for your router, then try searching for these values either on the Internet. You can even try some of the below-stated ones.

Username: admin, root, 1234, (leave blank)

Password: admin, root, 1234, abcd, (leave blank)


Factory reset

Even after trying all these steps your problem with the network is unsolved, then doing a factory reset could be the last resolution. It is an easy task to perform. Just look underneath the router to locate the tiny reset button. Hold and long-press it for about 15-20 seconds until the router restarts itself.

After this, all modified settings will be factory reset, and hence your connection might require a reconfiguration.

Forward ports without a password

A complex and technical solution using the UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) can be tried, which will alternatively switch ports of your choice without requiring a login. For beginners, it might be a complex task to perform. Hence we must seek the advice of an expert whenever necessary.

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