Media-link Router

To access the services of your Media-link router, all that you require is a valid IP address, Username, and Password. To begin, you need to access the admin panel, and for that, the article below offers the desired solution.

Media-link Router Login Guide or steps

Access to the admin panel grants service enhancement and alterations to the internet services offered by your Internet service provider. Follow the below process to have such privileges.

  1. Setup an Ethernet or WiFi connection and start any available web browser.
  2. Mention the IP to the URL bar of the browser and hit the enter key.
  3. Admin panel’s login user interface will appear with Username and Password fields.
  4. Fill the blank fields with the desired information and click on the Login button.
  5. The User interface of your router’s admin panel will introduce to you several opportunities with the services offered which can be altered as per the user requirements.

Troubleshooting you Router

  • Unable to login:

If somehow the above IP does not help you log in to your router, try some default values of IPs from the default list or look beneath your router for the factory defaults mentioned and use them.

  • Forgot the username and password:

Forgetting the previously set username and passwords might also lead to denial of the admin and services access. However, to resolve this all you need is to factory reset the router. Find and long-press the hidden reset button present on your router’s backside after which your connection will reset allowing you to again alter the settings later as per the requirements.

  • Page Unresponsive

Sometimes the website you want’s takes time to load or becomes unresponsive. In that case, the network settings must have been hampered and needs to be restructured. Get into the admin panel section and adjust the settings and check for the IP address as well from the default list.

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