How To Change WiFi Password?

Accessing your Router and controlling the network settings falls at your fingertips with a Unique IP address and User credentials. With these details, the admin panel section access and network settings modifications as per the user requirements are available to a user. This piece of information is within the user manual offered under the brand box.

However, if you are not handy with the manual, then follow the below process to log in and perform modifications to your user credentials.

TP-Link router

  1. Login to the admin panel with the default IP: /
  2. Present the default username and password to the blank fields on the screen that appears.
  3. Select  Wireless>Wireless Security>WPA/WPA2 > Password.
  4. Type the preferred password and hit the save button.

D-Link router

  1. Navigate yourself to the user interface of the admin panel login through the default IPs: – /
  2. State the default credentials and click on the login option.
  3. Wireless>Wireless Security>Security Mode set to WPA2 only>Pre-Shared Key.
  4. Mention the preferred password and click on “Apply changes”.
  5. Restart your router to apply the changes you made.

Netgear Router

  1. KeyBoard the IP to the URL bar and hit the Enter key.
  2. Present the default user credentials offered by the brand.
  3. Wireless> Security Options > Select WPA2-PSK [AES].
  4. Type the preferred password and select apply changes, and then restart the router.

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