Find Router’s IP Address

The router is well capable of serving a wireless data transmission with its latest IP-based system access, and knowing the absolute IP address is the key to starting with your network configurations. Typically this varies with the brands. However, most of the IPs start at 192.168. with the most commonly used IP address as,,

Although finding the correct IP address for your router may vary with system configurations. You can get assistance with that below.


Type into the search bar or your PC as cmd and hit enter key. This will open a black screen of the command prompt to you. Type a command- ” ipconfig”. This will show you a list of default IPs/gateways address.


Follow the steps below and check your router’s IP address.

  1. Open the Apple menu from the top of your screen.
  2. Go to the “System Preferences” and then select the Network Icon present there.
  3.  After selecting the appropriate network settings, tap on “Advanced” settings.
  4. Opt for the TCP/IP option and check the IP address of your router to the right of the router icon.


All you need to do is navigate through as: Application > System Tools > Terminal. Type “ipconfig” to check a list of IP addresses.

iPhone iOS

For the iOS versions above iOS8, navigate yourself to the Settings>WiFi. Select the wireless network you are currently connected.


For an Android user, checking the network IP address is not a tough job. All you need to do is download a third-party application from the play store, such as “WiFi Analyzer”. Post-installation of the app, tap on the network you are connected to visualize the router’s IP and all your network information.

Chrome OS

The Taskbar offers a lot of information to check for a Chrome user. Select the option “Connected to (your network name)” among the network list and tap on the Network link to view the detailed information about it.

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