COMFAST Router Login

Your COMFAST router network facility access requires a setup login to begin. All you need is a default IP address to get to the login interface and hence a Username and Password to find the setup settings. Once you find yourself logged in, network designing becomes everyone’s cup of tea.

COMFAST Router Login Guide

All the required information is presented in the user manual offered by the brand. However, if you misplaced the manual, then follow below quick setup guide.

  1. Get yourself into a secure network connection through Ethernet or WiFi.
  2. Start any available web browser with you. Then jump into the default IP:- and access the web interface of your router.
  3. Login interface with two blank sections to type the Username and Password will appear.
  4. Present the previously set user credentials or try some default combinations.
  5. You should see the control panel of your router next. The option to edit the network setting as per the user requirements is now available.

Some of the defaults and most common user credentials to try on are listed below:

Username: admin, username, (Blank)

Password: admin, 1234, username

Default IPs:,,


If somehow the defaults get interrupted or the network settings are changed, then your connection may flicker. The only way to resolve it is to restore them with the default.

  1. Get to the router’s control panel user interface and log in with your user credentials. Make changes again into the network settings and restore your connection.
  2. One way to perform the reset is through the reset button on the router’s backside. Look underneath the router to locate the tiny hidden reset button and hold the same for 15 long seconds. Your router will restart again with factory settings reinstalled.

Doing a reset might also terminate your connection sometimes hence you must take an advice from an expert before for your assistance. Hence, it is always recommended to have a previous record of the defauls and user defined values for all the future referance.

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