Admin Panel of a router is granted access through a Private IP This default presented IP offers a user interface to modify the router’s settings with the company preset values.

Steps to login to

Here are a few steps you need to follow:-

  1. Kick start a Browser and jump to or manually type into the URL section.
  2. A Login user interface will appear to you next.
  3. Type in the Login credentials presented to you when asked.
  4. A successful login grants access to the admin panel of your router.

NOTE: Try or When the default IP address fails to access the admin panel of your router.

Forgot the IP Address Username and Password?

When the default login Username and Password do not work, or you somehow forget them, then check the user manual or the brand box for the default values or try some combinations from the default list.

How to factory reset your router?

In case you forget the login password, then resetting the router will be the final resolution. Find the small Hidden reset button on your router and hold a long press to it to perform a factory reset with defaults. Again, this might also reset your connection. Hence, you would be required to reconfigure the device network.

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