Router basic settings and admin user interface access require a unique IP With this, you can modify the default factory settings as per the requirements.

How to Login to your router

With the below steps, accessing the admin panel and controlling your internet settings will be your cup of coffee. Get yourself connected to the internet through the Ethernet or WiFi connection to begin.

  1. Open any Browser and jump to or type in the Address Bar.
  2. The Router’s Login interface will appear asking for login credentials.
  3. Present the Username and Password to you and hit the Login button.
  4. The admin panel user interface will appear to you with all the factory default settings for your internet access and can be altered as per the requirements.

Forgot IP Address Username and Password?

Forgetting your router’s Login details leads to the admin panel access denial. However, You can always look for the defaults over the backside of your router or within the user manual offered with the router box. For the first-time login, you can try some default values from the username and password list.

How to factory reset your router?

If you have altered the login username and password anytime before and do not remember them now, then you would be required to perform a factory reset. Follow below steps to do so:

  1. Look for the small hidden reset button on the router.
  2. Long press the same with a pointed object for about 15 seconds.
  3. The changes you made earlier will revert to the factory defaults again as the router restarts itself.

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