Every system that is connected to the internet has an IP address assigned to it. IP address helps in identifying the exact location of the computer system so that the web servers can send the data to the correct system. Moreover, an IP address is just a series of 4 numbers separated by dots. If we talk about, it is a default IP address used by the router companies, including TP-Link, PTCL, and D-Link, or you can say a default gateway that can be used to change the Wi-Fi keys such as username and password. Admin

However, many users are not aware of their router’s IP address. If you are among one of them, this article is purely for you.

How to Log In

  1. First of all, check whether your correction has been made correctly with WAN, LAN, WLAN, or not. Besides, the power light must be steady, and the other consecutive lights should flash constantly. After ensuring that there is no issue with the connection – proceed to the following steps.
  2. Open the browser of your choice, either internet explorer, chrome, safari, or any other, and type the IP address ( or in the address bar. However, if an error pops up that your IP is incorrect, check the numbers you have written; there may be some typing error.
  3. A login page will open up with two empty fields – here, you must enter your user name and password. If you are thinking about where you will find username and password, well, that’s easy. You can find the details in the manual guide given with the router.
  4. Once you have logged in, you can change any setting according to your needs.

How to Change Password

After you’ve logged in to the admin interface, you can easily change the password by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Log in to the admin panel by using the abovementioned steps.
  2. Go to Home » wireless » security. These navigations may differ from router to router, but the instructions are almost the same. You will surely find these options in the wireless section.
  3. Now scroll down, you will see an option with network name or SSID. Just enter the SSID in the field.
  4. To change the password, select the encryption protocol and type the new password in the WPA passphrase field.
  5. Click save to confirm the changes you have made.

How To Factory Reset To Default Settings?

Imagine you have changed the login password of your IP address and unfortunately forgot it. Don’t worry; you can easily regain access to the admin panel – all you have to do is reset the password and again log in to the admin panel with the default username and password.

  1. Take a pointed object.
  2. Turn the router; you will find a reset button. Now press and hold that button using the sharp object for a few seconds.
  3. The lights will blink, and your device will reboot. After rebooting, the setting will revert to default.
  4. Not you can log in to the admin panel using the default name and password.


There may be many reasons for troubleshooting, but the most common ones are mentioned below:

  1. Invalid IP Address: while entering the IP address, you have to be very careful. If you mistakenly enter any unwanted character or digit, it’ll take you to the error page. However, to avoid such errors, reorder the IP to the search bar/address bar.
  2. Faulty Router: sometimes, the error may occur due to a faulty router. Simply put, if any of the components aren’t in the right pale, the required result will not show up.
  3. Missing Ethernet Cable: routers manufactured by different companies require a physical connection before accessing the admin interface. Besides, if the cables are missing, you won’t be able to access the IP address.